Textpattern "wow" Plugins

Thank you for your interest in my Textpattern plugins. Please select the desired download from the list of plugins below (click on the plugin name to download):

Plugin nameLatest versionDescription
wow_menu1.02 (24.03.07)Brings full menu support to Textpattern based on categories, allowing you to display categories as a menu tree of list elements. It also provides the ability to apply a custom order to all items as well as hiding tree elements or displaying just a part of the tree, giving you full menu control. No hacks/mods required.
wow_gallery0.6 (02.01.07)A complete Textpattern gallery manager. Create and manage image galleries with powerful backend and txp tag functionality - auto-thumbnailing, image transformations, captions, gallery-viewer included. No hacks required.
Please read the readme.txt file included in the ZIP archive!

If you're using my plugins on a commercial site, a donation as an appreciation of my work would be most welcome. Please use the PayPal link to donate. Users in Germany may also transfer an amount directly (please contact me for account details). Thanks!